Redefine how you answer the question…

What do you do?

For years I’ve consulted with coaches, content creators, writers, educators, and mentors who agree…one of the toughest questions to truthfully answer is “what do you do?” So we created this workshop to help change the way you explain your work and relate to others. You can go through the whole replay of each class for FREE….

What do you do?

This question can come loaded with assumptions….a temptation to perform or prove your worth in how you answer.

At the same time, you find yourself avoiding coming off as “braggy”

Maybe your love writing…but to call yourself a writer? Can you do that?

And coach? You’re tired of hearing the saying “I’m a coach,” and watching their eyes glaze over, so you end up stumbling over the description of what it is you actually offer. (Like, what is a coach anyways?)

These are the things we will be digging into in this workshop so you can, with more ease, connect with people and accurately and confidently describe your work in the world. 

The answer does NOT have to revolve around your job, title, status, and role in life.

You’re a stay at home parent? But that’s not all there is to you, that’s not the only thing you want to connect with people about…you want the words to paint a clear picture of who you are, what you care about, and what you put love and energy into doing.

It’s not the only way you want to build relationships or be known.

Your self-worth is not on the line here…you do not have to perform.


We will be challenging each other to take on new ways that engages further conversation

“What I really love to do and what I’m creating more of in my life is ________”

~Working (or learning to work) one-on-one with others to help guide them through cultivating a peaceful relationship with food
~Writing stories to empower teenagers to love their bodies and treat all bodies with respect
~Creating classes and workshop that help individuals ease off of extreme diets most and trust their appetites again.
~Starting community gardens to support everyone in a community, regardless of income, get access to fresh foods


If you want someone to understand how you help or how you’re of service, you have to be considerate that you’re talking to real people having real lives.

When’s the last time you turned to your partner and said “I want to embody my freedom today?

Be real.

Our lives don’t sound nor really look like a personal development book. So why do we (coaches) talk like that way to each other about what we do?

In reality, people, all of us, talk and think about very specific places in our lives we desire support or some relief.
Or what we want to learn.

Where do the people we hope to hire fill in the gaps in places we’ve desired support?

Example…I consult with new educators and coaches who need help writing curriculum for courses, programs, and individual client sessions. I guide coaches through individual client cases. I support coaches and teachers who loathe the tech stuff set up their online platforms to make working with clients and students much much easier.

Those are very specific things I get asked for help with everyday, and have the experience and knowledge to do well.

As a result, yes, clients feel relieved, less stress, more confident in their skills to work with clients or teach their classes.

But specifically describing how you help people is more considerate of their current needs and helps you truly understand where they’re coming from now – the things they desire support with in order to feel all the fantastic feeling words.S

SO,  we are going to be exploring this question as we prepare for the Coaching in Community Mastermind (which I will tell you more about during the free class)…and I want to invite you to try this self-led but community supported free week long workshop. By then end, it is my goal, that you’ll feel at incredible ease defining and describing your work and how it relates to the people you truly want to reach. 

“As a result of working with Sarah, I’m far more willing and giving myself permission to flex the muscles of opinion, voice, letting go of whether anyone likes this or gets it, being who I am in the voice of my work and trusting that those women who hear this voice are the ones who belong in my community; I don’t need to polish this, or make it more palatable.” (Ann, New Approach Wellness)

Your Teacher

Sarah Lucille

Consultant, Teacher, Mentor, and Professional Problem Solver

I consult & mentor coaches and educators who care about their impact and just need a roadmap to get there. I have a knack for technology and problem solving, as well as years of experience teaching and coaching. From creating curriculum, getting clear on how you serve others, to unboxing who you are, we make momentum happen in your personal and professional life.

I have a passion for seeking words and helping to define the things about ourselves that aren’t always easy to explain. That’s what we get to do together here.