Redefine how you answer the question…

What do you do?

As a coach (maybe a newer coach?), what happens when someone asks you “What do you do?” Do you freeze? Do you spend the next 5 minutes fumbling with your words? Do you blurt out “I’m a health coach” and then look for the nearest exit? How do you truly emcompass all that you actually do in a few simple sentences?

Tell Me What you do. . .

What do you do?
This question can come loaded with assumptions….a temptation to perform or prove your worth in how you answer.

You try not to come off as too “braggy” while also hoping the other person sees the value in your work as a coach!

How many times have you told people “I’m a coach,” only to see their eyes glaze over? You end up stumbling over describing your career of choice and what you offer.
(Like, what is a coach anyways?)

In order to invite others into your work and to connect your services with the right people (for both of you!), you must have the clarity and confidence to describe your message, impact, and work in the world. 

These are the things we dig into in this online class so you can, with more ease, connect with the people you came here to help.

The answer does not revolve around your job, title, status, and role in life.

This is about your MESSAGE and the IMPACT you have.

We will be challenging each other to take on new ways that engages further conversation

“What I really love to do and what I’m creating more of in my life is ________”

– Working (or learning to work) one-on-one with others to help guide them through cultivating a peaceful relationship with food

– Writing stories to empower teenagers to love their bodies and treat all bodies with respect

– Creating classes and workshops that help individuals ease off of extreme diets and trust their appetites again.

– Starting community gardens to support everyone in a community, regardless of income, get access to fresh foods

HEADS UP: You will be digging deep and getting honest.


If you want someone to understand how you help or how you’re of service, you have to be considerate that you’re talking to real people having real lives.

When’s the last time you turned to your partner and said
“I want to embody my freedom today?

Be real.

Our lives don’t sound nor really look like a personal development book. So why do we (coaches) describe our work this way?

In reality, people, all of us, talk and think about very specific places in our lives we desire support or some relief.
Where do the people we hope to hire fill in the gaps in places we’ve desired support?

I mentor new health coaches. I help them find the words they need to discover and really describe their message in such an honeset and powerful way that when they share their content, it naturally results in ideal clients coming to THEM


As a result, yes, clients feel relieved, empowered, less stress, more confident in their skills to work with clients or teach their classes.

But specifically describing how you help people is more considerate of their current needs and helps you truly understand where they’re coming from now – the things they desire support with in order to feel all the fantastic feeling words.

SO,  we are going to be exploring this question. You’ll also learn more about how I work as a consultant and what it means to be in the paid Coaching in Community Mastermind (which I will tell you more about during the free class)…and I want to invite you to try this self-led but community supported free week long workshop. By the end, it’s my goal, that you’ll feel incredible ease in defining and describing your work and how it relates to the people you truly want to reach. 

“As a result of working with Sarah, I’m far more willing and giving myself permission to flex the muscles of opinion, voice, letting go of whether anyone likes this or gets it, being who I am in the voice of my work and trusting that those women who hear this voice are the ones who belong in my community; I don’t need to polish this, or make it more palatable.” (Ann, New Approach Wellness)


Sarah Lucille

Consultant, Teacher, Mentor, and Professional Problem Solver

I consult with & mentor health coaches and educators who care about their impact and just need a roadmap to get their work out there. I have a passion for seeking words and helping you to define the things about yourself that aren’t always easy to explain. That’s what we get to do together here.

I will listen to what you’re trying to communicate about what you do, and help you find the words you’ve been seeking for all along. Communicating, speaking, and curriculum creation are my beloved specialities. And it just so happens that the technology required to take your message online comes quite naturally to me, for whatever reason. So I help you do that too. There are a few ways I work with people, so schedule a consult first to see what makes the most sense:


Alix Lowry

Online Media Manager, Visual Consultant, Picture Taker, Creator of almost all images here, dog lover.

I support new coaches in creating the images that truly capture the feeling of your message and brand online. I am your go-to person when you don’t have the time to tackle all of the images you want to create for your website, social media, and other marketing materials. I learn quickly and work with you to make sure what you get really reflects you and what you’re trying to communicate. You’ll also see me on video in this course. Say hi in the group! 
Best place to start is with an initial consult here:

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