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Everything here has had a powerful impact on my own life and is used regularly in our courses, retreats, and masterminds. You are using my affiliate link so a portion of your purchase goes to keep the Empowered Queen Community going! <3 

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Are you a coach, teacher, healer, or feel called to helping others. I invite you to consider some of the most powerful trainings that have radically transformed my practice, my reach, and my impact. 

The Desire Map Licensing Program: workshop, retreat and coaching curriculum for all good souls.

If you are working to serve others and improve lives, The Desire Map Licensing Program can enhance your work, expand your reach, and deepen the transformation with everyone you work with.

Here’s how it works: You join the program. You get all the curriculum and support you need to start facilitating this work right away. Workshops, retreats, or coaching sessions — choose them all or take your pick. This program also supports coaches who want to work with more clients one-on-one and yoga teachers who desire to create their own retreats and offerings that take their business beyond the walls of the studio and help them serve more people.

Take your interest in health, wellness, and nutrition to a whole new level. Whether you're starting from scratch with no previous experience or you have an established practice, Marc David and Emily Rosen have put together a compressive (free) workshop that will show you how you can go deeper with clients through the transformational work of Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. 

Start with their free webinar first. You'll learn...

  • How to increase metabolism without changing anything you eat
  • Why the royal road to weight loss is not "eat less, exercise more"
  • Practical tools and tips you can use right away with yourself and your clients
  • A secret formula that can forever transform you, your body, and your relationship with food
  • How to turn your health knowledge into a lucrative career with location flexibility in a year
  • Plenty of time for live question and answer

This is a rare opportunity to connect with Marc and Emily live. I know they love teaching, so I trust that you’ll feel engaged and inspired and come away with some good nuggets of wisdom. The body of work that they teach is truly cutting edge. And the Certification Training they offer is is unlike any other.