Coaching in Community: A Mastermind

For Health & Wellness Coaches and Educators Who Want to Build a Practice Online THEIR Way

It’s time to get all those ideas about what you want to create structured, out there, and online. 

  • Here you’ll learn who this mastermind is for, who it is NOT for, and decide for yourself if you’re totally in (cuz we are going to do some awesome work).
  • You’ll get clear on our values, how we work, and  how we do this work. You can decide if you’re ready to hang out with folks like us. 🙂
  • You’ll know now if you’re someone who wants to grow through experience, valuing the quality of your work, OR if you’re in it for instafame or to win a popularity contest online. (Guess which one we’re for?) 

Feel like you’ve been alone in trying to create a coaching practice or online service?

  • You’ve done the many certification trainings and are still left with a lot of questions about how to work with clients, run programs, and create the structure to actually turn your training into a career helping others. 
  • Or, maybe you don’t have a list of degrees or certifications to boast about, but a heck of a lot of experience and insight to share…yet you aren’t sure if you’re qualified enough to be of service to others.
  • You’ve looked into or have already enrolled in a few (or many) other online and in-person courses to try and fill in those gaps, but are always left with more questions about how to turn your ideas into a service or product that actually helps others.
  • You frequently browse future career options and what additional schooling you need to get there and it looks like a whole lot more money, time, and no guarantees. 
  • So, you’ve thought about tossing in the towel on this particular dream, deciding that maybe having an impactful online business is a total fluke

If that rings true for you, here’s the thing…

 You’re a natural at this. You’re already a guide. You care about showing up for others wholeheartedly, honestly, and in integrity. You explore the edges and see through all the layers of an issue. You know you’re here to make an impact. People leave conversations with you feeling seen and understood, and each time you just know there’s this calling – to serve others.


You want to help, not spend all your time marketing. You want to connect with people, not sell to them. You want to create the work you love, not get distracted laying out your Instagram grid or trying to show up in every Facebook group possible.  If you could just focus on developing your work and offering it others, you’d be set!

Imagine it, because you can do it.

  • You can truly embrace and tap into your natural creativity,  your values, and your training to feel truly confident in your ability to create work that others are excited to receive. No more certifications needed, please. It’s time to do the work and get better through application and feedback.
  • Every time one of those idea bugs hit, and you know they do, you will always have a place to go to get questions answered, to get support, and to get the structure and support to actually transform ideas into content, programs, courses, books, and other ways to reach people. 
  • You’ll have a clear path to taking your ideas about the work you want to do with or for others and getting it out there online. Technology will not be the enemy here. 
  • You’ll  have your own ongoing support system from experienced coaches to address your own internalized stories about money, your worth, the value of your work, and the resilience it takes to keep going…so that stops spilling into your business.

How does the Coaching In Community Mastermind Come In?

You’re on the right path, you just need some direction.
You came to create the work you’re great at, not get bogged down by trying to manage every moving part alone. Doing it alone is too much for ANYONE. 

You’ve been tempted to quit before, but the idea of not doing work that is your own and this is of service feels absolutley unfathomable. We get it. Plus we’ve been at this from so many angles, we understand how to solve the many questions you have about how to get going.  

You can NOT get stuck on the little tasks distracting you from doing the work you love.
You didn’t pursue all of those trainings and study your field so that you’d stay trapped figuring out how to integrate your online calendar with your contact management system. All the tech terminology is already enough of a headache. We provide the support and the solutions so your only focus is on how to create, learn, grow, and serve. 

You have brilliant ideas. With a community by your side, we help them grow into something great that you can be proud to offer. 
Every great practitioner, coach, creative person, and teacher needs support, feedback, and structure.

You’re an idea person. You have thousands of light bulb moments. As a helper and natural altruist, you also care about making others happy…sometimes at your own expense. Trying to appeal to everyone, avoid being too controversial with your message/writing, and pleasing too many people all the time is keeping your work small, and as a result, your impact minor. You will be challenged to actually get out there on the edge, embrace your voice, share your values, be honest about your own challenges, and really truly do honest work in the world. When you lead with service, the right kind of works starts coming.  (no invading people on FB messenger.)

It’s also time to get actual work done. We do the work together. We sit together to do the things you keep saying you’ll do. 



Sarah Lucille

Official creds…
Bachelor of Arts (History)
Masters in Education
Licensed Health and Social Studies Educator
Certified Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach
Director of Student Services for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Professional Problem Solver/Solution Seeker
In a co-depedent relationship with coffee

Consultant, Teacher, Mentor, and Professional Problem Solver:

I’ve taught in classrooms, on stage, to small groups of womxn, on road trips with my mom, next to my partner on the couch, through paragraphs of social media posts, blog post after blog post, laying on the living room rug with my kids, to myself in the middle of the night, to a middle school classroom of 30 13yr olds, to a high school classroom of 10, in lets-get-shit-done sessions with coach clients, and in several hours of emails and texts with clients asking…how.


Part of my Story…

Story is important to me. It’s how I connect to people and clients. Me…I’ve torn things down. I’ve been through all the trainings and racked up a heck of a lot of experience in a short period of time. I’ve worked behind the scenes for some well-known public figures. I’ve soaked in EVERY opportunity to learn more. And this is what I found out about myself: I am the go-to person to figure things out. I LOVE the problem solving. I  am the Gemini on the team who researches everything and makes it a mission to really understand the many layers of your questions. It’s a role I love and embrace. And I’ve grown into myself as a person in ways I never could’ve imagined. Your business of helping others means you’re ALWAYS practicing self-awareness and evolving yourself, embracing who you are, recognizing where you can also grow, understanding your impact is more important than intent, and doing a whole lot of letting go.

A few years ago, I initated the divorce with my then husband – a long time coming event. On top of it, I came out as queer publicly for the first time, a secret known only by a few loved ones (and known by him as well). I had been hiding, assimiliating, taking the path of least resistance from a community that wasn’t for my values – where I prioritized the wrong kind of belonging and acceptance. Throwing off the masks turned my business UPSIDE DOWN…in the best ways. The very thing I was so afraid to do, let people see me and know me, is the very thing that resulted in the most consistent client flow and consulting opportunities and a marketing style that never feels icky or out of integrity. I never have to convince or invade people’s personal space to fill my client roster. That is largely a result of embracing who I am, seeking and learning from truly amazing mentors, and cultivating a true community where I always feel supported and held accountable at the same time.

Yes, people turned away. I had family and potential clients block me for my “innappropriate” lifestyle. And that is okay. I won’t stop speaking up. And you shouldn’t either.


Empowered Queen Creative Director, Graphic Design, Photographry, Love of My Life, and Caretaker of all Things

Alix curates 95% of our images and takes lots and lots of pictures. She supports clients with additional project management services – helping you to curate and create the images that are aligned with who you are, your message, and the brand you hope to build. She has a brilliant eye for these things. Together, we are also able to help you build out your content, set up your websites, and offer others services that get your business going. She also just makes sure I do basic things like feed myself, go outside, and laugh till my sides hurts at least once a day. She is my partner, my love, and the most caring and compassionate person you’ll meet. We also run a NEW Queer & Questioning video series HERE.

The Family + You

Meet the kiddos 

Holding the rose after Hood River’s first ever Pride parade is my little Gemini child, Abigail. And, hugging my leg is my say-it-like-it-is, committed to fairness, little Capricorn, Elizabeth. We love to dance, laugh till it hurts, go on adventures, and love up our community and each other. Welcome to us! 

Our Online Community is a Family:

My family, my community, and connecting with and loving others is my number one value. It’s how I do my work and how I deliver my message out into the world. When we work together in the Mastermind, we are a family. You’re part of a community and chosen family that will love you, hold space for you to do brave work, ask for honesty, challenge you to do your best, and celebrate the heck out of you. So, welcome to the family.

Sarah is truly a wealth of information and, as a coach, someone I aspire to be like with my clients.

Christine Bennett

Cognitive Behavioral Eating Advisor,

Why I Created the Coaching in Community Mastermind Experience

I’ve taught and worked one-on-one or behind the scenes for years.
I’m really good at what I do and am no longer afraid to say that.


I started talking about the gaps

and answering a lot of questions…

I became the go-to person for colleagues to get website support and guidance on how to set up online programs and courses. I talked students in coach Trainings through problem solving difficult client case studies. I was just answering questions and providing solutions that made sense to my brain. THEN, I received loving messages about that one shift someone had after just one email response, and emails asking me if there was a way to work more closely together launching course ideas or other projects. 


We accomplish a lot one-on-one.
I also know that in a group setting with more voices and more eyeballs, the opportunities for growth expand tenfold. In other words, we can get even more done in the Mastermind. (all private clients also participate in the Mastermind)

So, let me be clear. I LOVE doing one-on-one work. However, I can only reserve that for about 5-7 clients per month.
That’s my practical and energetic limit so I can also do the consulting and teaching I love.

Therefore, the Mastermind was born and begins April 2018 and is 3 month commitment on an ongoing basis. We get to take that work we do one-on-one and bring it into a group format. You get me + the entire family of coaches and creatives in there who will love you up as you courageously create. 

So, that’s what this all about. The mastermind.

If you’re ready to jump in – you can enroll easily below:

“Sarah is a person who always says just the right thing. Whenever I felt like there is no possible cure or no possible words that could help or at least make things look better–she did it. And she does it naturally. It just flows through her and you can feel it. It is such a wonderful thing and it is so wonderful to work with such a person.

She doesn’t have to fake it, she doesn’t have to make it up, it just comes naturally and compassionately, with a firm decisiveness and understanding. She gives you a perfect place to at the same time feel completely understood and get the wanted results. I really saw and continue to see deep changes…I will be forever be grateful Tamara Petrusa (Private Client, Artist)

As a result of working with Sarah, I’m far more willing and giving myself permission to flex the muscles of opinion, voice, letting go of whether anyone likes this or gets it, being who I am in the voice of my work and trusting that those women who hear this voice are the ones who belong in my community; I don’t need to polish this, or make it more palatable. Marina Francis

Founder of Eating Authentically, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

Coaching In Community Mastermind:
An Online Center to Gather, Get Structure, Feedback, and Support in Creating The Work You Want To Put Out Into The World 

Here’s what coaching in community feels like:

  • Get actual work done: Rather than being in an online course you have to make time for (and never really finish), when you’re participating, it means you’re creating, getting work done, and seeing projects finished because you showed up.
  • Direct Feedback and Support: Stuck with how to help a client? Ask. Not sure if your content makes sense? Share it in the group space. Frustrated with tech. Let us troubleshoot it with you.
  • Structure you craveWith the two group Zoom meetings, we focus on specific themes to help structure your business, get clear on your voice, outline curriculum, set up client documents, and more. And for all the questions in between, you get voice message support from me and group support from everyone.
  • Research Support/TroubleshootingWant to create a new course and need to compile resources? Let us help. Want to make sure you’re fully considering the social, economic, cultural, and political issues of your topic? We will help you dig deeper.
  • Personal Support for Your Own Stuff: Know that you have a lot healing to do around some worthiness wounds that keep showing up when you ask clients and customers for money? Care about continually doing your own personal work so you’re always growing into yourself as a person? We have the experience and the format to support you.

Brave Content Planning/Reviewing/Creation:

There’s content all over the web. People don’t need you to regurgitate what they can easily Google in 10 seconds. They want what you bring to the table when you share vulnerably, honestly, and with passion. You will be bravely creating the content you’ve been afraid might get you an unwanted private message or two about how you should “tone it down.” Yeah, you might get that message. But you’re going to do it anyways, because it’s that imporant. Each member gets a “hot seat” moment to go specifically into your content, what you want to create, and making it happen. You will get monthly prompts and planning tools/tips to also make sure you show up consistently.

Research Support/Troubleshooting:

There is, admittedly, a lot to figure out sometimes. Having ideas is wonderful. I love ideas. How to transform them into a service or into shareable conent takes an understanding of what kind of platforms you have at your fingertips. This is where most of my clients want to take off running. That’s why I step in. I love this stuff. As a group, we’ll troubleshoot the tech and brainstorm the best platforms for YOU and what you’re going for. 

That’s really not all the research to be done though. You have an idea. Wonderful. Get to know that idea. Find all the angles, the layers, the underlying things people rarely go into when it comes to true personal development. We will support you in your research so that the value of your content matches the impact you intend to have.

Personal Problem Solving/Solution Seeking (in community):

This is probably the most important feature of the mastermind experience. The personal work is not optional. Yes, you have a talent for helping others dig deeper and find the many layers to solving their different complaints. And, still, you’re human and will face many obstacles of your own: internalized stories, beliefs, biases, and thoughts. In a community, we’ll support you, uplift you, and also hold you to the standards you deserve…with love. I have been doing this work for years and have a lot of formal training as well just plain ol’ up close and personal dealings with transformation. In other words, I get what it means to feel like a mess. I could not have pulled my way through that without my community. That’s us. We’re here with you. 

“My mind just blew. You’re such a gem. I don’t even know what you are, but you’re an interpreter. Like, an interpreter of vibration, of soul language. There isn’t anyway in years that I could’ve formed a paragraph like that…”

Kelci Cannady

Mind Body Eating Coach

Mastermind Format

Mighty Networks Group:

This is where we gather, off of Facebook, away from scrolling and Newsfeeds. In this group we focus. We connect. We get work done. Mighty Networks is where you’ll find your writing prompts, homework, threads to comment on back and forth to each other. 

2 Zoom Classes Per Month:

We meet 1-2 times per month for Zoom calls. It’s really important to do your best to show up. You’ll have the opportunity to share your creations, get feedback, and receive some hot seat coaching. You get actual work done in these sessions.

Each call is recorded – however, interactions can only happen live. So show up! 🙂 

Voxer Voice Message/text Support:

Each member of the Mastermind has the option of  once a week voice message support (just not on Saturdays 🙂 ) 

You send me a voie message through Voxer with quick questions – content questions, a client session you feel stuck on, tech you’re having trouble setting up, and other areas you need some quick words of advice or a few moments to problem solve via voice messages/text.

Other Important Add Ons 

Hot Seat Coaching:

You get to sit in the “hot seat.” In othe words, you’ll have the opportunity to get personalized support from everyone on one specific area of focus. You can use hot seat coaching to get some copywriting support, talk through curriculum ideas, share a case study you would love ideas for, or to problem solve the tech. Everyone learns from this opportunity because, chances are, someone else has the same questions as you. 


Group Editing:

In our Mighty Networks group you can create a thread to share your copy and other content you’re creating. Each member of the group can offer insights, suggestions, and catch those nasty little typos for you. 

One Work Session with Sarah (me):

Each mastermind member may schedule one 30 minute work session with me. We will get on Zoom together, open a Google Drive document, and problem solve the number one things you’re looking for the most support with. Private clients get this support 2-4 times every single month. So if this is the level of support you’re looking for, consider applying for private coaching.

Sarah is the real deal. She puts the real deal out there and doesn’t pull any punches.  This is so important in this online world of only putting the shiny side out.  People need to see the mess, the pain, the mess ups, the real deal….

Ann Weston Murphy

Found of New Approach Wellness, Certified Health Coach

The Investment + Options 

There are basically two options at this time for this work: one-on-one consulting + the mastermind OR the mastermind. Each option also comes with a special project management rate just for clients for anyone needing those services.

Projects incldue: curating images that are on brand that you can use in all your marketing materials, outlining and writing the email sequences you can use for opening a program, setting up your website and all online integrations needed.(we can only take on 2 projects per month)

I have one space for one-on-one consulting until at least July. (very grateful for that and always share with mastermind members FIRST when a spot opens up)

You can fill out an application, get a full 30 minute consultation, and make the waiting list HERE

One-on-one consulting is $500 per month. 

The mastermind is $250 per month with a minimum enrollment for 3 months (because we have to be honest about the pace of progress).

That includes two Zoom classes per month, voice message support on Voxer, at least one meeting, group editing, hot seat, and everything already described on this page. (cuz you totally read it, right?) You can get started below. I’ll be in touch shortly with all of your details.


There are only 20 spots  MAXIMUM and we may still have to cut off enrollment before that if it starts to feel too big. We tend to have room for 10 people per group call. Intimacy and trust in this community is key. We are going to focus hard on getting work done and that means getting started as soon as possible. 


  • If you consider yourself a coach, teacher, mentor, educator, or content creator and desire to have an impact, get to teaching and reaching your audience, and doing that mostly online.
  • If you aren’t sure what you call yourself yet, but you know you’re ready to do something you love and that is of service and value to others. 
  • You aren’t interested in manufactured fame or selling your soul to get to the top. 
  • You are invested in real, sustainable changes for both you and the people you work with.
  • You can take feedback, hear different perspectives, and value honesty and transparency.
  • You are committed and can take feedback!
  • You are ready and excited to do the work. 


  • Anyone looking for a quick fix formula – we don’t have any of those.
  • Anyone looking to get famous fast for any reason at all – not that kind of program
  • Anyone unable to hear feedback, show up, be honest, and do their very best.
  • Anyone who does not value learning from others, listening to the experiences of others, and being willing to go back the drawing board and revise when needed.
  • Also, we are strictly intolerant of intolerant behavior toward others based on their race, gender, sexuality, religion, mental health, cultural background, age, and physical health. We firmly support #BlackLivesMatter, constantly self-examine when it comes to cultural appropriation or insensitivity, actively support LGBTQAI rights, support our immigrant neighbors, and won’t be shy or fragile about it.


Enrollment in the Mastermind is non-refundable. However, you’re able to put your membership on pause at any point for any reason at all. You never need to explain yourself to us when it comes to handling what you need to handle in your life. You do NOT need to put yourself in a precarious position financially, ever. If at any point, you need to pause your membership, you’re welcome to resume as long as there is space. We also will have future sponsorship opportunities and we will gladly put your name on the list as those become available.

I’m reaching out to other women to build my team of support rather than feeling like I have to be strong and do it on my own.5. If you’re on the fence you will flourish in this class. Clarity is freeing. You’re worth the personal investment of time and money in yourself. You and everyone else in your circles reap the benefits. This has been a diving board of possibility and clarity for me. It can be for you too.” Holly Bliss

Desire Mastermind Member, Mama Extraordinaire


I understand you may have questions. While I’m not able to currently take phone consults regarding the Mastermind since I’m actively coaching private clients or taking consults for private coaching at this time (timewise and coaching schedulewise), I do answer all emails with the help of my team. You can reach out directly to our client services team at with any questions.  
Do I have to be a certified coach to enroll? Who is this for exactly?
My clients are coaches, writers, educators, and other creative womxn who want to do important work with others in some capacity. Some already have clients and some are getting started for the very first time. Often the early work is really figuring out what exactly your work will look like. You have passions and you have knowledge. We help you turn that into a service, whether it’s through writing content for others or creating online courses that help guide others through personal transformation. You are not required to have a certification. However, you are asked to value the work it takes to research, learn, get experience, and truly understand your field as best you can. 
How long is the Mastermind?
The Mastermind is ongoing  and will run every month starting in April 2018. Enrollment is for at least 3 months. After that, you remain enrolled until you say so. 3 months is a key committment to make to be honest about the time it takes to gain momentum. 
Do I have to make it to every Zoom meeting?
Zoom classes are recorded, so you will be able to catch up. I highly recommend doing the very best you can to come to at least one per month. The live experience allows you to interact directly with the entire community and get direct feedback.
Is the group on Facebook? I don't like Facebook.
Currently the group is on Facebook and will be moving to Mighty Networks in April. That allows us to have our own space away from the distractions of the Newsfeed. Mighty Networks is super easy to use and I’ll explain everything once you’re enrolled. 
With Tech Support, does that mean you also set up our websites and stuff?

Not exactly. Any direct website/online support is an additional service because it takes time and has to be outsourced. We also provide project management services when space if available. We help you through setting everything up on your own, or help you understand what you need so you know how to outsource. We will troubleshoot with you where you are stuck. With private one-on-one clients, we do more hands on set up during sessions and offer our set up services at a discounted rate. 

Do you write the copy or content for me? How does editing work?
You will work with the group to brainstorm ideas, get inspired, and get writing. We’ll read things you wrote in Zoom meeeting and hot seat sessions. But, it’s really important for you to be hands on with your own content and writing. 
Is this for womxn only?
You may have noticed our communities are primarily womxn. However, that is not a requirement for the Mastermind at all, it just turns out that way. Anyone of any gender identification is welcome. 
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