Love Notes From Clients

I’m reaching out to other women to build my team of support rather than feeling like I have to be strong and do it on my own.5. If you’re on the fence you will flourish in this class. Clarity is freeing. You’re worth the personal investment of time and money in yourself. You and everyone else in your circles reap the benefits. This has been a diving board of possibility and clarity for me. It can be for you too.”

Holly Bliss

Desire Mastermind Member, Mama Extraordinaire

Sarah is the real deal. She puts the real deal out there and doesn’t pull any punches. This is so important in this online world of only putting the shiny side out. People need to see the mess, the pain, the mess ups, the real deal…. Ann Weston Murphy

Found of New Approach Wellness, Certified Health Coach

“Sarah is a person who always says just the right thing. Whenever I felt like there is no possible cure or no possible words that could help or at least make things look better–she did it. And she does it naturally. It just flows through her and you can feel it. It is such a wonderful thing and it is so wonderful to work with such a person.

She doesn’t have to fake it, she doesn’t have to make it up, it just comes naturally and compassionately, with a firm decisiveness and understanding. She gives you a perfect place to at the same time feel completely understood and get the wanted results. I really saw and continue to see deep changes…I will be forever be grateful Tamara Petrusa


Sarah is truly a wealth of information and, as a coach, someone I aspire to be like with my clients. Christine Bennett

Cognitive Behavioral Eating Advisor,

As a result of working with Sarah, I’m far more willing and giving myself permission to flex the muscles of opinion, voice, letting go of whether anyone likes this or gets it, being who I am in the voice of my work and trusting that those women who hear this voice are the ones who belong in my community; I don’t need to polish this, or make it more palatable. Marina Francis

Founder of Eating Authentically, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

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