The Lies Food Bloggers Tell Us (And I’m Guilty)

Here’s an awesome picture of some food I did NOT make. (Go me!)

While I would eat this in a heartbeat (or in a couple of heart beats, because slow mindful eating matters ya know!), I can’t claim it.

Really, the only photogenic meals I’ve created were made and displayed for 10 minutes just to take a picture to slap on a blog or Instagram with a recipe to share.

And some people I know will NOT like this next statement: This “food porn” way of sharing healthy recipes has let a lot of people down!

I’m looking through even all the foodie blogs and social media accounts I have followed and thinking we’ve all let certain people down in a BIG way.

I should know better too! I’ve spoken with hundreds of women in the past year, hundreds of women with lives, careers, children, spouses, responsibilities, and better crap to do than whip up Facebook ready meals.

But these women, clients and workshop attendees, admitted to more than one failed attempt at making the healthy eating plan stick. Even making the eating (decently) healthy(ish) plan work in 2017. You know, without going mad and all because we all have LIVES.

It’s a dang disservice too, and I’m guilty. As an Eating Psychology Coach, I make it my business to get to the why’s behind our habits just as much, if not more, than the how to make change.

Here’s a big fat realization: the habit of eating healthier is not so much the roadblock.

Most of us can do it.

It’s how irritatingly confusing, inaccessible, expensive, and outrageously contradictory it has become in the 21st century.

So many bloggers to follow. So many cookbooks to buy. So many gurus saying do this and don’t do that, and they’re all arguing with each other.

And the everyday life in 2017 just isn’t built to have the time or energy to navigate this crazy nutrition landscape, unless of course you’ve made it your career to do so.

So, it’s ridiculous for those of us who do get to do the research, who do get to take some of the sexy pictures, who do get to study and teach and learn in on this topic more to assume we’ve made it more accessible by presenting it in such a, well, douchey way to be honest. (I wish I could say look at my incidentally perfect display of here, this is just #everydaylife ya’ll! When really this lifestyle lasts for the 50 minutes that likely went into snapping a perfectly lit angle on this beautiful picture.) Again not mine. These are awesome pictures come thanks to all the amazing photographers at

Here’s some honesty from this end of the computer:

~The other night I gagged down a mush of leftover noodles and veggies that didn’t reheat well while my girls enjoyed canned salmon and random cut up veggies that had to go before they, you know, went. Planning fail for sure.
~I am so lazy about prepping my veggies, I eat cucumbers whole and sometimes eat the baby spinach right out of the package.
~I order Thai food about 3 times per week and never regret it, except tonight because wholly moly the spiciness was insane.
~I consume some kind of chocolate at least everyday and absolutely never regret that.
~When it comes to the meals I do love, that do nourish me, I pretty much eat the same thing over and over every week and do not care anymore. It takes a special occasion and some serious alignment of the stars these days to inspire me to whip up something new and fancy and take a picture of it.

And truly, I’m not dissing what’s out there. There are some out-of-this-world beautifully delicious recipes that prioritize the kind of ingredients I know I like and tend to work better for my body so I also don’t spend the whole next day on my porcelain throne. It’s nice to know there’s a special cake recipe out there that won’t send you reeling backwards on a slide of inflammation, or congestions and digestions woes in my case.

But, it’s not everyday life and I’ve observed really smart women one full stop on the healthy eating commitment they want to make because of the inaccessibility of eating the “picture perfect” meals.

You know what’s the real issue? (And if you made it this far, you deserve a gold star. Drop a comment and I’ll even send you one!)

Okay, the real issue is this: Mindset. Was that an exciting answer or what?

Our mindsets are masters at distracting us from what we’re actually trying to do.

You have to ask yourself “Why do I even want to eat healthy at all? What am I hoping I’ll feel?”

And then we ask, “What B.S. mindsets have convinced me I’m not cut out for this endeavor?”

And the “I have to get it right” mindset is definitely a big one. You even have proof in all the perfect food bloggers you’ve been following! 😉

But, no one, not even they are doing it perfect all the time. Most of the time, we’re just mediocre eaters finding what works to make us feel the way we want to feel most of the time. That’s really the sweet spot.

So figure out what you want to feel and find the mindsets that stop you.

This is actually something we do in great depth and are reopening our mastermind that going into the WHOLE shebang if you want to take this conversation further into actual solutions.

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