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You are deserving of a Freakin' Awesome life, and you already have what you need to get started. Radically change how you feel in your body, with food, and in your life with just a few simple tweaks. Join over 600 women for the Healthy Mind + Healthy Habits Challenge. 

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Why this challenge?

A healthy mind is a healthy body (and a way more badass life)

I polled over 500 women, wanting to know what challenge they wanted to take on this year. It was almost unanimous! When it came to sticking out any sustainable healthy lifestyle, they desired the mindset to make it work. "I just don't like myself enough sometimes," and "I don't always feel like I deserve to take the time," were a few common statements. Can you relate? I know I can.

And it's spot on: a healthy diet or fitness plan is nothing without a powerful and sustainable mindset. 

Your beliefs form your habits, and habits are hard to break without first changing your beliefs.

For the past 6+ years I have been teaching, working with teens, families, and other women. In every setting, whether it was the classroom as an Alternative School Teacher or in my office with Eating Psychology Coaching clients, it always came back to the core underlying beliefs each person held.

We can talk about healthy habits all day. Most of us know what to do when it comes to "eat healthy and exercise." Yet, we can feel controlled by our least desirable habits. Why is that?

That's why we are taking 1 powerful mindset coupled 1 new healthy habit a day. That's it. Just a few new habits for radical and awesome change!

Women were sick of 30 day fitness plans with expiration dates

The truth is, dieting is just not that interesting. Neither is an incredibly strict, guilt-based approach to getting healthy. There's a reason before-and-after pictures reflect short term changes! The women in our community were interested in making a much bigger impact on their lives. They wanted out of the rut of dieting, emotional eating, low self-esteem, and all the ways it is affecting their lives.

I'm guessing you care about that stuff too. That's why I'm inviting you to take the challenge with us! 

It affects EVERYTHING! Your relationships, your money, your health, and your quality of life. 

Ever feel like all the pieces of your life seem to fall apart at once? When there's conflict in your relationships, you feel like reaching for the pint of ice cream. When you think about your upcoming bills, you find it hard to make time for healthy (and pricey) meals. You plan on getting better sleep but instead you lay away distracting yourself with Facebook or busy, stressful thoughts. We can all understand that, and there are smart underlying reasons for it all. That's what we'll be taking on together in this awesome group challenge. 

Just 1 new Mindset + 1 new Healthy Habit a day~

Take the Challenge...

~Food cravings, late night binges, sleepless nights, low quality food, and the lack of motivation to really stick to any diet program. 

~And it doesn't stop there . . . You wonder where all your money goes, you feel disconnected from your relationships, you feel tapped out on how much more you can give. 

~It seems as though you'll never feel good enough, attractive enough, deserving enough, worthy enough of more. 

Well that is just B.S. I  promise you that you do NOT need a big miracle fix (or a new life) to make big changes happen. It's possible to practice self-care, take care of your body, love your body, love your relationships, even love your money situation with just a few tweaks here and there. 

That's where we're going in the Mindset + Habits Challenge

It's just a few healthy habits coupled with lifelong life changing mindsets in a matter of days. 

What's there to lose? Try the challenge free today:​

About Sarah (moi!)

    Officially trained in Eating Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Education, and Health, my story has been my greatest teacher. My biggest lesson is that healing really begins through CONNECTION: Connection to self and to a truly empowered community. 

     So, I created the Empowered Women community on Facebook, not really knowing what I was in for at the time. And then I started to teach anything and everything that made an impact. I learned that there was a hunger for something true and different rather than just another fitness plan, diet, workout, or fitness accountability group. These women wanted to heal in a big way. And the more that door opened to let women just speak without judgement, the magic started happening.

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