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Coaching, Consulting, Community for Health Coaches

….and coffee, family, dogs, and strong opinions

Our Story

Empowered Queen started out as a one woman show dedicated to holding space for hundreds of women to find peace with food and their bodies. It started because I needed somewhere to take the vision I was aching to see


Our Values & Beliefs

Do the work - Value Experience

No fluff coaching or skipping the important step of actually practicing your craft. More people are waking up to what’s really behind instafame, Internet guru glory, and wishy washy love and light memes masquerading as truth. 

Connection and Community

We can’t do this alone. It’s our communities that lift us, teach us, and also keep us accountable. Our community can be online or offline – it’s about being with each other. 

Dig Deeper, Allow for Nuance, Don't Promise Surface Level Results

It’s tempting to get into the game of promising quick fixes. Too often fixing masquerades as helping and we as health coaches can disrupt someone’s healing if we’re constantly seeing them as someone who needs fixing. Value healing and transformation over before and after shots. 

Challenge all labels - Be an advocate

In this work, if you’re ignoring what’s going on around you, you’re missing what’s going on for your clients. Be aware, be an advocate. 


Consultant, Licensed Teacher, Certified Coach, Professional Problem Solver, Mom, Coffee Lover

I consult & mentor coaches and educators who care about their impact and just need a roadmap to get there. I have a knack for technology and problem solving, as well as 6+ years of experience teaching and coaching. From creating curriculum, getting clear on how you serve others, to unboxing who you are, we make momentum happen in your personal and professional life.

I also love hearing stories, telling stories, and every show Shonda Rhimes creates.  Other things people remember  about me….I didn’t come out as Queer until I was almost 30, have two amazing daughters, Alix thinks I’m funny when snarky (thank goodness), I’m loyal, love my friends and clients with a loyal and fierce heart, have turned my life upside down more than once to go after a dream or to take a stance for something we care about, I learn incredibly fast, can take feedback, get reall itchy around small talk, and am an introverted extrovert in a co-dependent relationship with coffee. 

There are a few ways I work with people, so schedule a consult first to see what makes the most sense: https://tinyurl.com/SarahConsult


Visual Consultant, Graphic Design, Photography, Video & Editing, Social Media Support Musicals, Dog Lover

I take care of the the visual side of things. I’ve had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. It took me a while to believe it was a passion I could turn into a career…and that’s the path I’m on.

Beyond photography, I get what it means to create visuals that compliment the look, feel, and messaage of your business. It started with messing around with Photoshop, consuming hours of Youtube tutorials, to now actually finding out this is work I can get paid for! Pretty cool.

I’m your go-to person when you don’t have the time to tackle all of the images you want to create for your website, social media, and other marketing materials. I learn quickly and work with you to make sure what you get really reflects you and what you’re trying to communicate.

Best place to start is with an initial consult here: https://tinyurl.com/VisualConsult

Download a PDF Prompt I use with clients to help them answer the qusetion “What do you do?”

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