About Us

We embrace community, challenge labels, coach in community, and strive to connect with each other more honestly.     

Sarah Lucille (me!)

Consultant, Teacher, Mentor, Mama of 2 brave girls & Professional Problem Solver:

Bachelor of Arts (History) Masters in Education
Licensed Educator
Certified Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach
Director of Student Services for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Professional Problem Solver/Solution Seeker
Featured on the Internet and things (I don’t keep a record of interviews, tbh)

I consult & mentor coaches and educators who care about their impact and just need a roadmap to get there. I have a knack for technology and problem solving, as well as years of experience teaching and coaching. From creating curriculum, getting clear on how you serve others, to unboxing who you are, we make momentum happen in your personal and professional life. 

I also love hearing stories, telling stories, and anything Shonda Rhimes creates.  Other things people remember  about me….I didn’t come out as Queer until I was almost 30, have two amazing daughters, my partner thinks I’m funny when snarky (thank goodness), I’m loyal, love my peeps with a loyal and fierce heart, have turned my life upside down more than once, learn incredibly fast, can take feedback, get itchy around small talk, and am an introverted extrovert in a co-dependent relationship with coffee. 


Empowered Queen Creative Director, Love of My Life, and Caretaker of all Things

“I provide online graphic, social media, and project management support for businesses that serve LGBTQ+ communities, promote self-care for womxn, & businesses led by Women of Color. I especially love helping curate & create images & graphics for marketing materials that elevate & align w/ their mission.” ~Alix

Alix keeps everything running around here, truly. She’s literally out helping someone with something as I write this. Like the house might topple over if she wasn’t here. She curates 95% of our images and takes lots and lots of pictures. She supports clients in setting up their websites and getting the graphics that are true to their message and brand. She makes sure projects get done for our project management clients. She’s got a brilliant eye and huge heart. She’s passionate about learning new things and listens intently. She also cares for people like no one’s business. She makes sure I remember to do basic things like feed myself, go outside, and laugh till my side hurts at least once a day. Alix is also my partner, my love, and the most caring and compassionate person you’ll meet. We have big plans for a Queer & Questioning video series you can learn more about below….


Coaching in Community

We get what it means to know you have important work to do, that you almost have no choice, but have tried far too many times to turn that into a thing. Since my consulting schedule is super limited, we created the Mastermind. Through community, group meetings, hot seat coaching, and voice message support, you get from that idea to the actual work and impact you want to have. Learn more HERE.


Private Consulting

Not here for anymore fluff coaching but unsure of how to bring your actual voice, values, and background into your work? I draw from my extensive experience and training in curriculum development and coaching/teaching, 6+ years in consulting to collaborate and consult with you to design projects and programs that deliver and have a meaningful impact on your clients. Schedule a consult HERE.


One of our big passion projects is creating a space where it’s safe to ask questions about who we are, who we love, what we desire, and what feels like community. We have both confronted a lot in our lives coming out, losing people as a result, but also welcoming some of the best people we know in our lives! We are also super silly, can have tough conversations with each other, and have decided to capture and share this on camera and in writing for a Queer & Questioning Community on Patreon. Please join and support here: https://www.patreon.com/queerandquestioning

Want to get to know us better?

We want to get to know you too. Community is so important to us and we are committed to cultivating and supporting our online communities through monthly letters and a FREE Facebook group where you can truly connect (with real people with real lives). You will also receive access to 4 email and video lessons that help you get clear on how to describe what you do with more clarity and confidence. Finally finish that bio on your website and try out these free lessons!