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How often do you feel your life is out of your control?

~Food cravings, late night binges, sleepless nights, low quality food, and the lack of motivation to really stick to any diet program. 

~And it doesn't stop there . . . You wonder where all your money goes, you feel disconnected from your relationships, you feel tapped out on how much more you can give. 

~It seems as though you'll never feel good enough, attractive enough, deserving enough, worthy enough of more. 

Well that is just B.S. I  promise you that you do NOT need a big miracle fix (or a new life) to make big changes happen. It's possible to practice self-care, take care of your body, love your body, love your relationships, even love your money situation with just a few tweaks here and there. 

That's where we're going in the Mindset + Habits Challenge

It's just a few healthy habits coupled with lifelong life changing mindsets in a matter of days. 

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The Mastermind For Badass Women (like you)

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I had been struggling with weight gain, poor eating habits, and overwhelming fatigue for about two years when I saw an interview with Sarah speaking on the psychology of eating. What intrigued me most was what she said about the emotional components behind our food choices and eating habits. At the time, I knew something was not being addressed by my doctor because I was too young to feel this bad (despite normal test results), and the frustration and anger I felt with myself was out of control. I had read countless books and watched hundreds of videos looking for answers, but what I really needed was for a real person to guide me through the process of healing. I signed up for Sarah’s online coaching program and joined her Empowered Women tribe. The insight Sarah brought to our one-on-one sessions and the way she was able to wring out what was below the surface of my issues were things I could never get from any book. For one thing, the coaching I received was unique to my issues because we didn’t just talk about diet and exercise. Rarely are our struggles ever just about diet and exercise. Even more importantly, I was finally being held accountable for my progress. Only I could do the work, and this time I couldn’t make any excuses. Though I am still a work-in-progress, I have found great inspiration in Sarah’s wisdom and her online community. These women are honest, open, and stronger than they realize. They are taking huge strides every day toward self-love and self-care, and I see their confidence growing. It is truly an honor to be part of the tribe, to hear their stories, share their struggles, and celebrate their successes. When you work with Sarah and become part of her community, you are never really going at it alone.

Christine Blacke 

Stop! Don't start planning for the New Year yet. 

2016 is almost up and, oh woman, it has been a ride. Hearing from hundreds of women this year, I'd say the consensus has been "please, 2017, be better." 

Please be better is something I have said over and over in my life. Relationships, please be better to me. Money, please be better to me. Body, please be better overall. Parental challenges, please be better and easier.

Doing this work, this searching, this study, this teaching, and coaching has taught me one really important lesson:

I learned the hard way that wishing things are better results in wishing for the same things year after year. 

Want to feel vibrant, healthy, well, light, and energetic? It won't be the next fancy diet program or book that does it. 

Want to feel lusciously and deliciously confident and comfortable in your body? It will not be a result of stepping on the scale every other week to measure your "results." 

Want to feel free and light and connected to what it is you're meant to be doing in this lifetime? It won't happen by making those giant to-do lists and big goals that feel so far away. 

How do you NOT want to feel in 2017? 

And instead, how do you want to feel when you wake up? When you walk out the door? When you slip into your clothes? When you climb into bed at night? When you eat your food? When you show up in life? 

What is the legacy you want to leave behind? 

Whatever it is, sister, you are deserving. 

You deserve to feel unshackled from food stress. 

You deserve to feel light and free in your body. 

You deserve to express yourself, be yourself, find yourself. 

You deserve to have love, to have abundance, to have all those things without fixing your body, perfecting your diet, becoming the perfect mom, being the perfect wife, or anything that has you convinced you need fixing. 

You CAN have what you desire to feel. But, like me, I'm guessing since you're here, you need to shift your relationship to how you set and achieve goals in all these areas of your life.

Through experience, through all my training, through all of my one-on-one sessions, through all of my years of teaching, it always comes back to this: How we set our goals. 

If you've tried losing weight, getting your body "back," ending emotional eating, quitting sugar, fixing whatever you feel is "wrong" with you, ending habits of procrastinating when you know you desire to chase your dreams, your passions, the gifts, what you have to offer this world... like me, if you have tried so many things, stuck to something for only so many days, and feel so frustrated that where you want to be with all of these things still feels so far away, then listen up. . . 

Do NOT make that to-do list just yet. 

Do NOT set a list of new goals for 2017 just yet. 

Do NOT list out all the the things you are going to quit doing just yet. 

Do NOT clean out your pantry or start a new diet just yet. 

Just PAUSE. 

There's a much better way to create what you're desiring. There's a smarter solution. One that will offer you more ease, more truth, more clarity than any goal setting or To-Do list you've ever created. 

I've been there. I was not alone. You are not alone. I have met hundreds of women who share the same worries, the same concerns, and the same desire to jump off this hamster wheel. 

So, for the past 6+ years I have been studying eating psychology, holistic nutrition, mind body nutrition, leadership education. I've coached and taught group classes to hundreds of women, to teenagers, to my team of teachers, to mom's groups. And, no matter the reason we cross paths, it always always ALWAYS comes back to the same thing with goal setting: 


No amount of wishing, goal chasing, motivation will matter in the long run without first figuring out your core, deepest desires. 

I have brought together my years of study, my years of teaching, my training in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition and combined it with the powerful transformational work of Desire Mapping founded by Danielle LaPorte for this 60 day comprehensive and powerful mastermind. 

This is a HIGH TOUCH mastermind, meaning you get me, not some assistant or admin, working with and responding to you the whole way through. You will be entering into a 60 days of expansion experience. This will unfold through:

1.) Weekly classes over a teleconference line (recorded) (8 classes, normally a private class is $100 each for a $800 value)
2.) 2 private coaching calls with me as your certified coach ($200 value)
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4.) Interaction and support from the group (Priceless)
5.) BONUS: Full Free Year in the Empowered Queen Tribe Membership

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How do you want to FEEL in 2017? 

I have struggled with eating and weight all of my life, and tried many many diets and different approaches to food and weight loss. I have also been involved in Overeaters Anonymous for many years and lost and gained weight and tried to escape food addiction and morbid obesity. I was in a 20 yr. relapse, and desperately searching for some help to keep from eating myself to death, and to lose the weight so that I can walk again and get out and be able to live life without a walker or rollator. I also have hated what I have done to my body, so I felt very open to whatever Sarah had to say. I am learning to be my real self and to take care of myself and my body. I am also trying to practice mindful eating and to try and sit still or talk/write on what's going on in my life that is bothering me and making me feel self-destructive with my eating, so I can get out of it ... I have met so much loving acceptance and support and encouragement, that it really helped me get through it, and I also especially love Sarah for her kindness and love towards me and her encouragement. I have really loved her videos she has made and teachings as well. They are so fun and easy and clear for me to understand and implement, step by step. I also want to say that the conference call with Sarah was so good and helpful too. Instantly I was at ease with her, and could tell by how she made the time to really listen to me and understand what I was saying, and asked me thoughtful questions and answered many of my concerns ... I could tell right away that she really cares and also that she really knows her stuff and is dedicated to helping others. I would tell anyone who is considering working with Sarah or joining one of her programs or groups , to go for it! Jump right in and know that you are in good hands that they really care, know their stuff, and she will do everything she can to be there for you and guide you and teach and encourage. The investment is well worth it many times over!

About Sarah Wood

Trained in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, I have been teaching, coaching, learning, studying, and speaking for over 6 years. Whether I've met someone to help them end their battle with emotional eating or I'm speaking to a class full of teenagers and teachers about leadership and goal setting, we are ALL faced with the same challenge: understanding who we really and how that is going to get us where we really want to go. I've seen this manifest personally in my relationships, my loves, my money, my relationship with food, my relationship with my body, and my relationship with being a mom to two incredible young girls. Desire mapping is THE fit for this work and I'm so incredibly excited to make this mastermind happen for us all. I've been teaching online group courses, public speaking, coaching, and leading women's groups for the past few years. This is the foundation of the work we do. 

Women Helping Women Heal

Facilitated by Coach Sarah Wood

Monthly classes, habits, exercises, and group support. Really low price to start. 

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Words cannot express how much Sarah has changed my life. Her approach is so unique to anything and everything that I have tried before. My goal, since having two children and reaching my 40’s, was to become healthy. I had most of the knowledge and tools; however, I did not know how to make them work for me. That is where Sarah came into the picture. Sarah was the first health coach to ever look at me as a whole person and not a problem that needed a solution. My goals have certainly changed. It isn’t so much about how my jeans fit, but instead gaining my empowerment back, which in-turn, unlocked my power. When you become empowered the need for fast food or cigarettes becomes less and less. She never once told me that I am a weak person for indulging in those things that were destroying me, instead she gave me the instructions to my own unused tools! Nothing worth gaining is easy, and everyone has their own pace, and truly, I can be a little hard-headed, but she let me set my own pace, which was key for me personally. Thank you Sarah for giving me back my power and health."

Chris Repp
Emilia Nagy, Relationship Coach 

When I sat down to eat my food consciously and without distractions at first it was scary. I felt very vulnerable because I was not used to having this kind of relationship. I started eating and noticing the food in my mouth, the texture, the flavor, the temperature and suddenly there was this explosion of pleasure and desire and I kept chewing and chewing and I started to feel so satisfied, each bite seemed to last forever and the waves of pleasure and nurturing it brought were so deeply fulfilling I wanted to cry. And then I became angry. Who was it that took away my right to this pleasure? Why was this taken from me? I blamed my father, who, before sitting down at most meals would tell me not to overeat and be careful what I ate because I was chubby. And I always ate in a constricted, hurried, guilty state. But now I am working to reclaim the pleasurable way of nurturing myself with food and re-create my relationship with food in a way that feels good and right for me." ~Emilia Nagy, Relationship Coach,

Desirae Lexa

Before I contacted Sarah, my biggest concern was my weight gain over the past year. However, when I reached out to Sarah for a helping hand, she took the time to really get to know what the problem was. Through our discussion I realized that although my weight gain (we're talking 30lbs in one year, without pregnancy) was a health concern, what was truly bothering me with my way of life was my emerging lack of self confidence due to my recent poor body image. Not only was this revelation a huge help from Sarah, but she also helped remind me of my personal value. Hearing that alone was a self confidence boost. Since seeking Sarah's guidance, I have learned how to focus on the positive aspects of ME and stop focusing so much on the negative aspects of my unhealthy weight gain. She inspired me to "love the skin I'm in" and remember that it took a year to gain those 30 pounds, so they're not going to disappear overnight. Armed with this new frame of mind and accepting my physical body as just one part of me has actually helped me make the leap to making healthier decisions with my nutrition, and embracing exercise that I enjoy as opposed to doing the "right" exercise. And I am proud to say that I have lost 6 pounds that have stayed off!”

Working with Sarah has been great. She is patient, wise, and insightful. I have been practicing forming a healthier relationship with food for years, but my work with her has been a catalyst for change. I admit that I can be a stubborn person that doesn't always like to follow advice, but Sarah has given me the space to come into better choices on my own, and with her non-judgmental guidance I feel supported throughout the ups and downs."

Deb Castorina

My vision is a world where women empower other women to heal

My story in short . . . 

Founder of the Empowered Queen Tribe programs, I officially trained in Eating Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Education, and Health, my story has been my greatest teacher. My biggest lesson is that healing really begins through CONNECTiON: Connection to self and to a truly empowered community. 

So, I created the Empowered Women community on Facebook, not really knowing what I was in for at the time. And then I started to teach anything and everything that made an impact. I learned that there was a hunger for something true and different rather than just another fitness plan, diet, workout, or fitness accountability group. These women wanted to heal in a big way. And the more that door opened to let women just speak without judgement, the magic started happening. 

I trained at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and completed my Bachelors in Classical Studies and Masters in Education. I studied and taught, that was always what felt right. And, I had no idea the impact it would begin to have on other women one day. 

So, we formed a community and it continues to grow everyday. I have the honor of working one-on-one with women looking to heal in a big way: heal from a tortured relationship with food cravings and binges, heal from struggles with weight and body image, heal from low immunity and fatigue, heal from overwhelm, heal from unhealthy habits, and more. We don't mess around with quick fixes or what we know doesn't work out longer than thirty days. This is a journey back to yourself, demanding more for your life because you deserve it. 

My clients are women, mothers, families, and other health coaches. They all have unique reasons for working with me but share one thing in common. They want a solution that is truly sustainable, not just another short-lived program that quickly loses it's appeal after 30 days.

To get started, we will have a quick and free consultation to map out exactly where you want to go and how to get there in the next couple of months. You can schedule that below: 

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