Fluff Free Consulting for Coaches

Consulting, mentorship, project management, & DIY courses for wellness educators, coaches, & content creators. Create the work that inspires with less stress about all the details.

What is fluff-free consulting? 

If you’re a (new) wellness/health coach or educator, you hold space for and guide others on their personal healing journeys.

BUT… all the ways to get started with your work online end up being all the ways to stay distracted and not working with the clients you strive to support. You wonder if you’re not experienced enough yet, trained enough, knowledgeable enough, ready enough… so you may look into more trainings, more marketing courses, more distractions.

Let’s sit with this for a minute…

Close all the other tabs you have open and take it in…
What do you think it takes to be ready? How do you think your favorite teachers, mentors, guides, and educators gained the qualifications to have such an impact on your life?
Education? Sure, some. For some, lots. For some, none in the traditional sense. 
Yes, some. For some, lots. For some, none in the traditional sense.
Natural talent?
Of course. We all have knack for something.
Most of all though, it comes down to EXPERIENCE. And, how can you gain more experience when you’re perpetually seeking to do more, be more, feel like enough?

It’s time to start FOCUSING on and growing through EXPERIENCE and what YOU bring to the table as a coach, mentor, and teacher.

What is actually missing that most Trainings don’t teach?

1. Structure: How to actually structure your coaching practice, create boundaries, onboard clients, and the details that set up clients and YOU for success
2. Self-awareness: Knowing how to incorporate your unique voice, personality, and the way you work and DON’T work into your practice. Clients will appreciate you for this.
Personal Guidance: There are a LOT of bells and whistles online. We all need somewhere to go with our questions without feeling like a burden. 

As your consultant and mentor, I personally work WITH you to create your courses, create structure for onboarding and working with your clients, set up your website, check all the things off your to-do list to get going online, AND create a path to focusing on and reaching the clients looking for someone like you. 

Our Services

Consulting with Sarah

Get clear on the message you came to share so you can start working with the clients who need this work. I draw from my extensive experience and training in curriculum development and coaching/teaching, training in coaching to collaborate and consult with you to design projects and programs that deliver and have a meaningful impact on your clients. Let’s chat! Just click HERE.

Visual Consulting with Alix

Have the visuals that communicate your message. Sarah helps you find the words. I help you create and feel confident in the look and feel of your graphics, website, and anywhere else you show up online. People will connect with you through how you show up online, in words and through visuals.   Schedule consult HERE.

Client Community

Who is your community? Creating and helping is a community thing. That’s why we talk about Coaching in Community all the time. We have a pay what you can mastermind community to attend group calls, and full access to all of the mastermind activities to clients. 

Why Choose Us

Me: Sarah Lucille

Consultant, Licensed Teacher, Certified Coach, Professional Problem Solver, Mom, Coffee Lover

Official creds…

Bachelor of Arts (History) Masters in Education
Licensed Health and Social Studies Educator
Certified Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach
Director of Student Services for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Professional Problem Solver/Solution Seeker
Mother of two brave & wild kiddos In a co-dependent relationship with coffee

I consult & mentor coaches and educators who care about their impact and just need a roadmap to get there. I have a knack for technology and problem solving, as well as 6+ years of experience teaching and coaching. From creating curriculum, getting clear on how you serve others, to unboxing who you are, we make momentum happen in your personal and professional life. There are a few ways I work with people, so schedule a consult first to see what makes the most sense: https://tinyurl.com/SarahConsult

Why Choose Us


Visual Consultant, Graphic Design, Photography, Video & Editing, Social Media Support Musicals, Dog Lover, Selt-Taught

I’m your go-to person when you don’t have the time to tackle all of the images you want to create for your website, social media, and other marketing materials. I learn quickly and work with you to make sure what you get really reflects you and what you’re trying to communicate.

Best place to start is with an initial consult here: https://tinyurl.com/VisualConsult


Our Values

  • Self-Awareness
  • Telling the Truth (with Love)
  • Challenge Binary Thinking
  • Willingness to Grow
  • Open to Feedback
  • Doing the Work
  • Aligned with Values

What some of our clIENTS HAVE TO SAY…



Health Coach

Sarah is the real deal. She puts the real deal out there and doesn’t pull any punches.  This is so important in this online world of only putting the shiny side out.  People need to see the mess, the pain, the mess ups, the real deal….



Eating Psychology Coach

As a result of working with Sarah, I’m far more willing and giving myself permission to flex the muscles of opinion, voice, letting go of whether anyone likes this or gets it, being who I am in the voice of my work and trusting that those women who hear this voice are the ones who belong in my community; I don’t need to polish this, or make it more palatable.


Mastermind Member

Clarity is freeing. You’re worth the personal investment of time and money in yourself. You and everyone else in your circles reap the benefits. This has been a diving board of possibility and clarity for me. It can be for you too.”

Want to get to know us better?

We want to get to know you too. Community is so important to us and we are committed to cultivating and supporting our online communities through monthly letters and a FREE Facebook group where you can truly connect (with real people with real lives). You will also receive access to 4 email and video lessons that help you get clear on how to describe what you do with more clarity and confidence. Finally finish that bio on your website and try out these free lessons! 

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