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In these three videos we will cover three goal setting mistakes we women make (especially weight goals), the 6 big ol’ B.S. myths when it comes to success stories (hint: before and after pictures can be a big distraction), and finally a walkthrough of the most frequently asked questions I get that will shred any remaining self-doubt.

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Some testimonial love from Holly below...

I was searching for myself and unclear about what I wanted in my life. I was really at a crossroads. I cared too much about what other people thought and didn't feel confident in making my own decisions. Fearful of being judged. I had been undervaluing myself and believing lies other people had fed me. Walking on eggshells in my own home. I challenged some of my old beliefs about the way wives and moms should act. I showed up, cried both tears of pain and joy, figured out how I wanted to feel initially. Interesting that some have stayed the same, the "confidence" has turned more into "wholehearted living". Realizing I need to be vulnerable and break down some of the walls I've contructed. I felt no judgement from the others in the group. It was a safe place to share or not share. They were present for me and themselves. Sometimes I felt stuck and that was OK. I started being more curious about my yucky feelings and not trying to stuff them. I'm clear on what I want in relationships/partnerships. I am treating myself with love and respect and watching others respect the boundaries I've set. I'm reaching out to other women to build my team of support rather than feeling like I have to be strong and do it on my own.5. If you're on the fence you will flourish in this class. Clarity is freeing. You're worth the personal investment of time and money in yourself. You and everyone else in your circles reap the benefits. This has been a diving board of possibility and clarity for me. It can be for you too."

Holly (workin' mama and Desire Mastermind Member)
About Me (Founder of Empowered Queen)

Teaching is my gig. I've been doing it since they let me start tutoring peers as an 18 year-old college student. I technically led my first classroom as 5 year-old girl in my bedroom with the carousel horses on the wall...albeit an imaginary class, but the passion was always there! As an adult/mom now, I've completed my Masters in Education, hold more than one license in teaching, have led leadership classes, led a team of other teachers, had two babies (it counts!), and earned my certifications as a health coach and Eating Psychology Coach.

Oh yes, I am also a Desire Map Facilitator, which has hugely influenced the work and teachings we'll dive into in this class. What I have learned from dipping my toes in so many possible ways to teach as well as to heal one's body (I have my own not so miraculous healed from lifelong asthma story for another time), is that our lives are just not simply compartmentalized into a bunch of categories to be treated separately. If you have emotional eating issues, good chances are, you've got some pleasure issues too. If you feel out of control with a bag of chips, I'm going to guess some other parts of your life feel out of control as well. If you can't push yourself to follow through with those big goals and dreams you know you have, I know it has so much more to do with lack of motivation. You are not lazy, broken, or in need of fixing. When you accept that, we can get some real powerful shit done. 

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I had been struggling with weight gain, poor eating habits, and overwhelming fatigue for about two years when I saw an interview with Sarah speaking on the psychology of eating. What intrigued me most was what she said about the emotional components behind our food choices and eating habits. At the time, I knew something was not being addressed by my doctor because I was too young to feel this bad (despite normal test results), and the frustration and anger I felt with myself was out of control. I had read countless books and watched hundreds of videos looking for answers, but what I really needed was for a real person to guide me through the process of healing. I signed up for Sarah’s online coaching program and joined her Empowered Women tribe. The insight Sarah brought to our one-on-one sessions and the way she was able to wring out what was below the surface of my issues were things I could never get from any book. For one thing, the coaching I received was unique to my issues because we didn’t just talk about diet and exercise. Rarely are our struggles ever just about diet and exercise. Even more importantly, I was finally being held accountable for my progress. Only I could do the work, and this time I couldn’t make any excuses. Though I am still a work-in-progress, I have found great inspiration in Sarah’s wisdom and her online community. These women are honest, open, and stronger than they realize. They are taking huge strides every day toward self-love and self-care, and I see their confidence growing. It is truly an honor to be part of the tribe, to hear their stories, share their struggles, and celebrate their successes. When you work with Sarah and become part of her community, you are never really going at it alone.

Christine Blacke 

Emilia Nagy, Relationship Coach 

When I sat down to eat my food consciously and without distractions at first it was scary. I felt very vulnerable because I was not used to having this kind of relationship. I started eating and noticing the food in my mouth, the texture, the flavor, the temperature and suddenly there was this explosion of pleasure and desire and I kept chewing and chewing and I started to feel so satisfied, each bite seemed to last forever and the waves of pleasure and nurturing it brought were so deeply fulfilling I wanted to cry. And then I became angry. Who was it that took away my right to this pleasure? Why was this taken from me? I blamed my father, who, before sitting down at most meals would tell me not to overeat and be careful what I ate because I was chubby. And I always ate in a constricted, hurried, guilty state. But now I am working to reclaim the pleasurable way of nurturing myself with food and re-create my relationship with food in a way that feels good and right for me." ~Emilia Nagy, Relationship Coach,

Desirae Lexa

Before I contacted Sarah, my biggest concern was my weight gain over the past year. However, when I reached out to Sarah for a helping hand, she took the time to really get to know what the problem was. Through our discussion I realized that although my weight gain (we're talking 30lbs in one year, without pregnancy) was a health concern, what was truly bothering me with my way of life was my emerging lack of self confidence due to my recent poor body image. Not only was this revelation a huge help from Sarah, but she also helped remind me of my personal value. Hearing that alone was a self confidence boost. Since seeking Sarah's guidance, I have learned how to focus on the positive aspects of ME and stop focusing so much on the negative aspects of my unhealthy weight gain. She inspired me to "love the skin I'm in" and remember that it took a year to gain those 30 pounds, so they're not going to disappear overnight. Armed with this new frame of mind and accepting my physical body as just one part of me has actually helped me make the leap to making healthier decisions with my nutrition, and embracing exercise that I enjoy as opposed to doing the "right" exercise. And I am proud to say that I have lost 6 pounds that have stayed off!”

My vision is a world where women empower other women to heal

My story in short . . . 

Officially trained in Eating Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Education, and Health, my story has been my greatest teacher. My biggest lesson is that healing really begins through CONNECTiON: Connection to self and to a truly empowered community. 

So, I created the Empowered Women community on Facebook, not really knowing what I was in for at the time. And then I started to teach anything and everything that made an impact. I learned that there was a hunger for something true and different. Not just another fitness plan, diet, workout, or fitness accountability group. These women wanted to heal in a big way. And the more that door opened to let women just speak without judgement, the magic started happening. 

I trained at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and completed my Bachelors in Classical Studies and Masters in Education. I studied and taught, that was always what felt right. And, I had no idea the impact it would begin to have on other women one day. I have been thrilled to bring this work together with Danielle LaPorte's Desire Mapping as a Desire Map Facilitator. 

We formed the Empowered Queen Tribe community and it continues to grow everyday. I have the honor of working one-on-one with women looking to heal in a big way: heal from a tortured relationship with food cravings and binges, heal from struggles with weight and body image, heal from low immunity and fatigue, heal from overwhelm, heal from unhealthy habits, and more. We don't mess around with quick fixes or what we know doesn't work out longer than thirty days. This is a journey back to yourself, demanding more for your life because you deserve it. 

My clients are women, mothers, families, and other health coaches. They all have unique reasons for working with me but share one thing in common. They want a solution that is truly sustainable, not just another short-lived program that quickly loses it's appeal after 30 days.

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